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Map of Construction Zone

Patience and Flexibility Will Be Our Middle Name!

We know this to be true and we haven’t even begun our renovations!!

We are caught between a variety of dynamics: 1) the construction boom in Denver which means supplies, subcontractors, and time schedules are not always at LUMC’s beck and call, 2) our eagerness to begin serving hot meals to our neighbors and our believe that the best time would be to do so immediately after the start of school next August, 3) delays in receiving our permits for the projects we’re tackling, 4) our desire and our contractor’s commitment to finish the work as quickly as possible without any additional delays.  All of this adds up to the need to have much of our church off limits once construction begins.

Essentially, the hallway to the breezeway, fellowship hall and offices will be inaccessible from the sanctuary.   The entrance from the parking lot will allow for access to Great Escape and the offices, but the hallway will be inaccessible from the chapel toward the fellowship hall and the sanctuary, including the restrooms.  The sanctuary will always be accessible from the courtyard entrance.

We will have a handicap entrance to the sanctuary at the back SE corner at the handicap driveway and we’ll have a port-a-potty available near there as well.  Other restrooms will be downstairs in the Children’s Ministry and Great Escape areas and at the Way Station.

This also means that our Sunday School classes will be shuffled a bit more.  See the schedule below.  It is heartbreaking at this stage to say that all of these classes are not handicap accessible.

Crusaders: relocating to the Chapel

Explorers: relocating to the Library

Fantastic Fellowship: relocating to the Great Escape Resource Room moving to the Reception Hall on 7/2

Friends in Faith:  relocating to the basement of the Way Station

Potpourri: remaining in the Conference Room

Seekers: remaining in the Reception hall through 6/25 and then off for the rest of the summer

Serendipity: relocating to the Way Station

Sunday Scripture:  will take the summer off

           Additionally, we are trying to figure out a way to continue our fellowship between services for Sunday morning “More Than Coffee” in the courtyard in front of the sanctuary entrances.  We’ll keep you posted.  We have another week before these changes are fully implemented.

Again, thank you all in advance for your flexibility and patience. It is important for us to remember that it won’t last forever and the improvements will be worth it.