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The Latest Construction Update – June 9, 2017

There will be no access from the sanctuary to the office hallway and vice versa. The flooring is torn out and there are some dangerously rough spots. Please do not cross the barricades.

Because of this, the breezeway entrance is closed. As is the Shepherd Street entrance. People have been entering through the Shepherd street door at their own peril. This must stop for everyone’s safety.

Therefore, the only entrances to the church are:

  • The doors from the parking lot which will allow entrance to Great Escape downstairs, the office and conference room along that hallway only.
  • The handicap entrance at the back end of the sanctuary near the portable potties.
  • The courtyard entrance to the sanctuary, choir rooms, and the downstairs SS classrooms.

One final warning. Behind the chained linked fence is a fairly large open trench. Please do not proceed behind the fence.

Map of Construction Zone



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