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Adult Sunday School


Crusaders – Parlor

The Crusaders Sunday School Class was founded in October 1959 by Rev. Bill Parsons, who also taught the class of young married couples. Initially the Crusaders met in the living room of the Parsonage which is now the Way Station. However, it soon outgrew that space and moved into the church Parlor where it continues to meet.

Each class begins with coffee, rolls and conversation, giving an opportunity to catch up with each other’s lives and get acquainted with new members.

For many years class members took turns teaching but recently Jack Ballard has been the full-time teacher. The group shares laughs, tears and good times. But most importantly, we delve into insightful discussions regarding our faith.
As the years passed, the Crusaders grew from that group of young couples to a class of mostly senior Christians. Presently there are approximately 45 members. Throughout the years, members have been active in LUMC choirs as well as committees, other groups and missions. They have enjoyed many social gatherings, especially an annual Christmas party at Pinehurst Country Club.
Unfortunately, the Crusader have had to say a final goodbye to many much loved classmates. But the class has been fortunate to welcome new members and looks forward to welcoming more into our fellowship and worship.


Former LUMC minister, Bob Toll, wanted our congregation to keep learning about faith. To help this along he led a discussion group during Sunday School hour based on books with different theologies to ignite our curiosity. Our first book was Dear Mr. Brown, a letter to a person perplexed about religion by Harry Emerson Fosdick. Rev Toll also invited theologians to class to lead discussions: Robert Keck of Boulder and Dennis McDonald from Iliff. We continue to study books of Theology, Christian History, Ethics and World Religions.
We began as Explorers and we still are.

Fantastic Fellowship – Room 204 – Upstairs Above Fellowship Hall

Fantastic Fellowship started in 1975 with Jack Ballard as leader. It was a small group with less than 10 members. By the mid-1980’s there were over 40 members, so the class moved to the Way Station. Our final move was to the Reception Hall, next to the church office.
Classes begin with joys and concerns, followed by prayer. Lessons include scripture, and a member-led study, followed by active discussion. Many are life-long class members, starting out as young professionals with families, evolving into retired or near retirement grandparents. Even so, we consider ourselves welcoming and jokingly warn “visitors” that after attending two Sundays their names go on the donut-bringing sign-up sheet.

Our social events include a golf tournament, Halloween and Christmas parties, a Chili feast and Joke night, Littleton Town Hall Theater and movie nights. Over the years, we have shared dinners in each others’ homes, over-night trips to the mountains, and graduations, weddings, and baby showers. Our service projects include Habitat for Humanity, troop care packages, and Christmas gifts for families of Interfaith Community Services.

We definitely have a Fantastic Fellowship with a cherished sense of family.

Friends in Faith – Room 205 – Upstairs Above Fellowship Hall

Friends in Faith started about 22 years ago as Explorers and Chicken Soup. The late Herb Bowman was one of the group’s first leaders. He encouraged service projects and led the group in several theatrical productions.

Today, class members take turns leading. This year, we studied the Ottoman Empire and learned about various world religions from guest speakers of non-Christian faiths. Since LUMC was presenting the musical “Godspell,” we, also, studied the parables.

Many Friends in Faith attendees have school-age children and so our studies often focus on finding answers for contemporary issues within the Bible. We meet upstairs over Grant Fellowship Hall.

READ IT AGAIN – Room 111

READ IT AGAIN (FOR THE FIRST TIME) Bible Study Class was started some fifteen years ago. The thought behind the class is that whatever scripture you read (even if you have read it many times previously), you still get something new from it. This is strictly a Bible Study class with no outside reading with each Sunday’s class standing on its own..

Pastors Sheeley, Adams, and Green have led the class. In recent years, Jack Barker has been its leader. Each Sunday, the class discussion is centered around that Sunday’s worship Service scripture. The format is simple–Jack ties the scripture around other relevant biblical passages and then all participate in an informal dialogue.

READ IT AGAIN maintains an email communication system with ongoing updates and prayer lists. It meets in room 111, the room at the southwest corner of Fellowship Hall. It has a wealth of Bible Study resources, maps, charts, and working materials to assist in the study.

Seekers – Reception Hall

Seekers Class…interesting discussions, varied opinions, diverse subjects, loving support…all come together in the Seekers Class. The class currently has over 45 members consisting of those who are approaching retirement or have retired. Studies and discussions have included theology, social issues, Bible study, current events, and personal development. Class discussions are typically led by class members as well as an occasional visiting guest facilitator. Focus of the group is on selected books and videos on religious and inspirational topics which include authors of diverse ideologies. Liberal and conservative inputs are always welcomed. Fun is part of a full Christian life therefore we have various types of social events throughout the year.

The dictionary defines a seeker as someone making a search or inquiry. The Seekers Class lives up to this definition as we explorer more deeply our Christian beliefs and search for answers to difficult questions in a loving and supportive environment. We in the Seekers Class extend to you a cordial invitation to join us on Sunday morning, upstairs in room 201.

Serendipity – Room 115

Serendipity Sunday School Class was started in 1997 by Rev. Ruth Pittenger, with encouragement from Maureen Wells. It began as a coed group but slowly evolved into a group of single and married women, which it is today. Even so, men are welcomed to attend. We’d love to be a coed class.

The name Serendipity was chosen for its meaning, as stated in Webster’s New World Dictionary “a seemingly gift for finding good things accidentally.” The name is so appropriate, for class members find each other and discover treasures of life and living from each other and group-chosen study books. Several books by author James W. Moore have been read, for he challenges personal and spiritual growth. Book chapters are read in class and followed by thought provoking questions and open discussion.
Serendipity meets around the table in room 115, also known as Beth Corn’s study.

Potpourri – In Conference Room

Potpourri Sunday school class is one of the newest Sunday school classes. It grew out of the former New Beginnings class, led by Roy and Phyllis Adams. Membership is diverse, consisting of singles, seniors and young marrieds.

Potpourri meets in the Conference Room, next to the library, and studies a variety of books, both secular and religious.