At every age, education and growth is important.  We believe that we are called to grow in God’s grace throughout our lives, from our youngest inclinations of our faith and as we grow into mature Christians.  At LUMC, we strive to do so through small groups and Sunday School classes that affirm us, challenge us, and help us to grow into every season of life.  We welcome you at LUMC; there is a place and a home for you here!

Rev. Jeff Richards, Associate Pastor


Classes on Sunday Morning: 9:45 to 10:45 a.m.


Rm. 103 – aka Conference Room – just down the hall (south) of the Library

The Potpourri Sunday School class meets in the Conference Room each Sunday morning with snacks and scintillating conversation. We are a group of about men and women (half couples, half individuals with men and women) with an age range of 50-70+. We study a variety of books that range from social justice to understanding the Bible. A typical study will last 3 months and the group purchases the books for themselves. Some books we have read in the recent past are: Making Sense of the Bible, Unexpected News: Reading the Bible with Third World Eyes, A Year of Living Biblically and 10 Things Jesus Never Said.  Come join us!

Fantastic Fellowship 

Rm. 201 behind the stage in Grant Fellowship Hall, up the stairs and to your left

Fantastic Fellowship, founded in 1976, is made up of couples and singles. Members range in age from 30's to 80's. Most members have children active in youth and young adult activities. We usually have 20-25 in attendance each Sunday. Dr. Jack Ballard taught the class for 3 7 years, and retired from teaching our class December 2012. Whether we are discussing scripture or current events our discussions are lively and thought provoking. We meet all year round with summer classes being taught by volunteer members. We have monthly socials that are often family oriented. Social activities include annual events such as a Christmas party, Joke and Chili night, and our golf tournament. Additionally, Fantastic Fellowship volunteers regularly for organizations such as Inter-Faith Community Services and Habitat for Humanity.


Rm. 111 Room in SW corner of Grant Fellowship Hall

The Explorers is an adult study class of 15 to 20 men and women. We explore by reading and discussing books of Progressive Christianity, Process Theology, Evolution of Christian History, Ethics, and World Religions. Some of the books we have recently studied are: "Thank God for Evolution" by Michael Dowd, "The Real Jesus" by Luke Timothy Johnson, "A New Kind of Christianity" by Bruce McLaren, "American Jesus" by Stephen Prothero, and "Love Wins" by Rob Bell. We believe there are no "right answers" in our individual spiritual quests, and invite any to join us in meaningful study and discussions, as together we grow in faith, trust, and love of Jesus Christ.


Rm. 115 – Room in NW corner of Grant Fellowship Hall

Serendipity is a unique Adult Class comprised of women, and welcomes others who wish to join. We welcome all genders, ages, and stages, as Christians should do, within and outside of our local church. The class is designed for spiritual growth and the studies are chosen from books available at All of the lessons relate to helping each individual to become more centered in their personal faith journey. The knowledge gained within the group becomes a ministry to "REACH OUT TO THOSE IN NEED". It is a class with emphasis on individual personal growth enabling each individual to better understand themselves more and to be more aware to help meet the wider needs of community, country (including service personnel), and the world. All are invited to this wonderful Adult Sunday School Class and share this unique serendipitous GOD experience!


Class Rm. 116 – aka Parlor, room is straight east behind the stage in Grant Fellowship Hall

Crusaders Class started in 1959 for young married couples and has evolved into an active class of couples, widows, widowers, and singles ranging from their 50s thru 80s plus. The class has a regular attendance of about 40. Members volunteer to teach the lesson each Sunday with topics ranging from Adult Bible Series to life application opportunities. Socials vary but include an annual Christmas party and a summer class and meal in the mountains. Caring and sharing are an important part of the class with a portion of the class offering used to support local charity groups. Coffee and donuts and a hymn begin each Sunday School session.


Rm. 104 – aka Reception Hall – just outside the Church Office

Seekers Class ... interesting discussions, varied opinions, diverse subjects ... all come together in the Seekers Class. The class currently has over 40 members consisting of those who are approaching retirement or have retired. Studies and discussions have included Bible study, theology, social issues, current events, and personal development. The group knows that fun is part of a full Christian life so there are social events held throughout the year. ClaSave workss discussions are typically led by class members as well as occasional visiting guest facilitators. The dictionary defines a seeker as someone making a search or inquiry. The Seekers Class lives up to this definition as we explore more deeply our Christian beliefs and search for answers to difficult questions in a loving and supportive environment. We in the Seekers Class extend to you a cordial invitation to join us on Sunday morning.

Friends in Faith 

Rm. 205 – behind the stage in Grant Fellowship Hall, up the stairs and to your right

Friends in Faith is a diverse group of singles, young couples, and single parents with families, and "aged to perfection" parents who enjoy studies that vary from Bible lessons to guidance for day-to-day living. Class members take turns leading (as they desire), with everyone teaching one another through sharing and discussion. We love to play together -socializing with and without kids, pray together -for each other's joys and concerns, and work together -supporting the community and our church through service. We welcome guests and friends to visit our class anytime!


Rm. 203 behind the stage in Grant Fellowship Hall, up the stairs and it’s the room in between the two sets of stairs

Teleios is a new group of young adults in their 20's and 30’s. Our goal is to deepen our faith through a large diversity of study topics, including bible studies, contemporary topics in religion and culture, and personal/spiritual development. Building a vibrant and joyful community is also extremely important to us and we foster these relationships through social gatherings. We also hope to engage in group community service as we grow and develop! We believe there is great value in the diversity of circumstances experienced in this stage of life - those who are single, married, with kids, without, and everyone in between - all are welcome!  

Other Adult Activities

United Methodist Women

We support the UMW Purpose that encourages women to be in the mission by growing spiritually, engaging in service and advocacy, educating for change, developing leaders, expanding and nurturing its membership and supporting the organization through mission giving.

There are four small group circles that meet monthly from September - May. Loving Hands and New Sunshine meet on the second Thursday of the month. Faith and Lamplighters meet on the second Tuesday of the month. Lamplighters is the only circle that meets in the evening. The other 3 circles meet in the daytime.

We continue to support projects that are focused on women, children, and youth. We hold the Western Welcome Week Breakfast which raised funds for local, national and international projects. We support people who are interested in church ministries by providing a scholarship yearly. We promote educational opportunities for the congregation with our One Church One Book program. We encourage people to participate in Mission U offered every year by the United Methodist Church and United Methodist Women.

Senior Adult Council

We want to provide a resource for LUMC members, their families and their friends for fellowship and sharing of life activities. We sponsor educational and entertaining programs designed to provide meaningful experiences for anyone who wishes to attend. We desire to increase and enhance spiritual growth through learning and education. We build and enrich relationships through outreach to LUMC and the community. We strive to "Be Loved, to Learn Love and to Practice Love".

We offer a great venue for anyone with a desire to help others along life's journey by teaching, sharing ideas and experiences, and participating in LUMC activities. Planning for next year's events is now in progress so a good time to become involved.

Here are some quotes from some of our members:

  • "I participate because of a strong desire to help others. The Senior Adult Council has helped fulfill my desire to give back to LUMC and to the local community. I feel as if I belong to this group."
  • "To share with folks of similar ages what a new day brings."
  • "To fill loneliness with a bright moment together."
  • "To provide support, friendship and activities to our senior community."

New Member Outreach

Our purpose is to welcome first-time visitors and help new members become more connected to our church family.

We meet monthly to develop plans for the following: pie deliveries to first time visitors to a Sunday worship service; hosting monthly Basics classes led by Rev. Jeff by providing a light lunch for the attendees and offering a tour of our church facility; sending welcome cards to new members; contacting them in the first few weeks after joining to answer any questions and help them find their niche in our community; and hosting our annual New Member Luncheon.

If you're interested in joining the New Member Outreach team, join us in the Reception Hall on the first Monday of the month at 3:30pm.

Our next Basics classes are:

January 19, 2020 - LUMC Basics class

February 16, 2020 - LUMC Basics class

April 19, 2020 - New Member Luncheon

Board of Trustees

We are charged with the supervision and care of all property and equipment owned by the church. The Board is to plan and set policies for the maintenance and use of the property and equipment, and receives and administers all bequests to the local church. Being creative with things that need to be done and not funded is part of the job of The Board.

We sponsor "Clean Up Day" in the spring and the fall to do some deeper cleaning to keep the building in optimal condition. 

Administrative Council

The Administrative Council is made up of all the chairpersons of every committee within LUMC plus lay-leaders and the entire staff of the church, about 30 people. Meetings are every fourth Tuesday of every month except December and July. The meeting is an exchange of committees plans and issues. One of the most important responsibility of the Council is to communicate church plans, issues and events to the entire congregation. The Administrative Council uses a format of segmenting the year into four quadrants and each monthly meeting of the quadrant we have either a THINK, PLANNING or LISTEN focus of our discussion and decisions.

The THINK meeting in February 2019 was for ideas regarding Rev Trudy’s Renewal Leave. In May we discussed the proposed petitions for the 2019 Mountain Sky Annual Conference.

In the PLANNING meetings, we developed plans for the July 4th all church picnic, Advent Festival, Lenten Meals, and the Homecoming Weekend. 

Staff Parish Relations Committee

SPRC Committee Members
Carol Eaton, Chair 
Bob McVeigh
Tom Walton
Eric Osborne
Chris Rausch
Hobbes Hayden
Barb Coddington
Kim Taussig
Brian Johnson

Lay Leaders
Scott Hartrich
Bob Stansbury

Contact Us

Littleton United Methodist Church

5894 S Datura St Littleton, CO 80120

(2 blocks south of main street)


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