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Children’s Sunday

Wow, I am continually blown away by the poise and presence that so many of the children of our church have. Twelve of our fifteen registered 5th graders were eager to serve as liturgists for the day, speaking in front of the entire congregation!  I remember speaking at my church as a child and I can imagine that they had nervous stomachs as well…although you never would know it because they each spoke so clearly and beautifully.

And our ushers/greeters!  They may be small (3rd graders and younger!) but they did an excellent job of greeting everyone that came to church on Sunday, passed out bulletins and even helped with the offering.

I love that I have a job where I find myself, sitting on the floor of the sanctuary on Sunday morning singing along with what… 35-40 children?!? It’s amazing to say the least.  Thank you Teresa Derr for being such an awesome elementary choir director.  My own daughter is 3 and dabbles in the carol choir here at the church but has yet to actually get up and sing in front of the church. It’s so exciting to know what a strong music program she will have access to and be a part of as she gets older!

I was pretty busy on Sunday morning and unfortunately didn’t get any photos taken.  I’m looking forward to seeing all of the photos that I know parents took!

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