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Loving Littleton

Break Bread

Each Saturday afternoon/evening a free, community meal is served to anyone who comes to enjoy it. The meal service begins at 4 pm, and the fun and conversation continue until 6 pm. Food is served family-style with large serving bowls placed on each table to share. The meal usually includes an entrée, a side dish and/or salad, a beverage, and a dessert. Menus can be found in advance on the Break Bread website (www.break-bread.org; look under the Events tab.) Children’s activities are frequently offered after the meal until the event concludes each week at 6 pm. Volunteers help foster an atmosphere of hospitality for the meal: greeters warmly welcome people as they arrive and help them find a table; table hosts sit at each table and help provide welcoming conversation; servers graciously bring the food from the kitchen to the tables and help respond to requests for more food when needed. Behind the scenes, volunteers also help prepare the food (on Friday and Saturday), set-up the dining room, and clean-up afterwards.

The more the merrier when it comes to building community. However, the evening can be successful with as few as 20 volunteers or as many as 35+. It is possible for multiple roles to be filled by the same person if needed. For example, the Chef’s Assistant could also be the Dishwasher. Set-Up and Clean-Up roles can also be combined with other positions.

We do have many roles that need filling, such as set-up, chef’s assistants, greeters, servers, table hosts, dishwashers and clean-up. Ideally we love knowing in advance that you’re coming to fill a volunteer role. So we highly encourage everyone to sign up in advance using Sign up Genius through the Break Bread website: www.break-bread.org/volunteer/. If you don’t have access to a computer, call Jen Engquist, Program Director, at 303-794-6379.

EACH WEEK: Bring your family, friends and neighbors and join Break Bread for our free weekly community meal. Doors open at 4:00pm.  We start serving dinner at 4:00pm with conversation and activities until 6:00pm.

“Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of getting to know many amazing people who I probably wouldn’t have gotten the chance to get to know without Break Bread. When I tell people about my time volunteering for Break Bread, their first reaction is “Wow how kind of you”. What they don’t realize is I don’t at Break Bread to be a good citizen and get praise from others. I volunteer at Break Bread as a neighbor, to get to know the amazing people in my community.”

Food of the Month

Reaching out to hungry children in Littleton

Each month the weekly bulletin lists a food item to donate to the food pantries of East and Field Elementary schools.  Bring cans or boxes, no glass or large cans.  Place your donation into the wooden box at the back of Grant Fellowship Hall.

The Severe Weather Shelter Network

Community organizations, agencies and faith communities provide emergency, overnight shelter on life threatening winter nights for individuals living on the streets.    You may volunteer to bring food or drive a bus or spend the night at Ascension Lutheran Church.  We engage in providing refuge, relationship and restoration.  Volunteering with Severe Weather Shelter Network makes a difference!

Snacks at North Littleton Promise

Located at 5397 S. Fox St. Littleton at the Living Way Tabernacle, North Littleton Promise tutors students who are bused there from local elementary and middle schools.  Volunteers bring snacks at to serve upon their arrival at 3:45.  The group has a Sign up Genius site for signing up once or once a month.   northlittletonpromise.org

              Tuesday and Thursday sessions are for elementary students.

              Wednesday sessions are for middle school students.


North Littleton Promise Tutoring

Tuesday and Thursday elementary school students arrive at 3:45, have a snack then study and have activities until 6:00.  Middle school students are there from 4:00—6:00 on Wednesdays.

East Elementary Homework Club      

Held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in the library from 3:15 to 4:05, volunteers may pick any one, two or three days a week to help.  We need your support as we have far more students than volunteers.


Sort winter clothes at East Elementary


Village Preschool

The Village serves Head Start children.  Volunteers are needed for child care in the evenings so the parents may confer with the teachers.


Back to School Project

Each summer we help Field and East Elementary schools supply equipment or funds needed for the coming school year.  Items for 2019 are to be announced.

Cherrelyn Gift Bags                                        

Each December we get a wish list from Cherrelyn residents selected by the activities director as being without local support of a family.  We collect donations from the membership to select gifts and fill gift bags with items such as lotions, shampoo, socks, cookies, candy, crackers and a gift especially selected for that person.

LUMC presents a check to Field Elementary School to help with Student Scholarships for activities.

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