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Dear Parents,

Your little bundles of joy are precious to us. Their growth, nurturing and Christian Education in the church begin in our nursery. Our caregivers and volunteers provide safe and secure surroundings for your child as you worship and participate in the activities of Littleton United Methodist Church.

The nursery is for ages newborns through 24 months (children are placed according to their age on September 15).  We provide care for both the 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. worship service as well as the 9:45 a.m. Sunday school hour. For added convenience we have a silent pager system that we encourage you to use.

We want your child to be safe, have an opportunity to be with other young children and to experience the love that God has for all children. In order to ensure that our nursery program works well for our children, parents and caregivers, we have developed the following guidelines.

Nursery Details

Give Yourself Time

Child care will begin 15 minutes before and end 15 minutes after a scheduled activity. It is then the responsibility of one adult, 18 or older and listed on the sign-in sheet, to pick up the child.

Upon arrival you will sign your child using our Sunday morning notebook.

If you have not registered your child before, we encourage you to provide your contact information to our Nursery team. through our KidCheck program. KidCheck kiosk is located in the hall joining the Great Escape preschool to the Children\’s Area. This ensures that we have all the necessary information regarding any medical needs and food allergies.

If your child has any special needs, please inform the nursery attendant when you sign-in.

Give Your Child Time

Please arrive with enough time to sign-in and to acquaint your child with the room and caregivers. It is difficult for some children to make the initial separation from their parents as they are left in the nursery. Your child may cry. This reaction is a normal, healthy show of preference for you, the parents. It seems to help children of this age if you leave quickly and not return until you are ready to pick the child up. Caregivers will provide individual attention to any child who is crying or upset. If your child continues to cry, and efforts to console and comfort fail, we will page you.

Let Us Know

Please label: coats, blankets, diaper bags and bottles. Tags and pens are available at the registration table for items not labeled before arrival. Parents are responsible for labeling.

Please include a change of diapers and bottles (plastic only). We realize that some babies wear cloth diapers and will accommodate this if they are brought with the child.

If you would like your child to have access to a snack during their stay in the nursery, please provide it. No red-dye juices, please. A number of snacks and diapers have been made available to the nursery for back-up use. If your child should not consume or use any items not brought from home, please inform the child care providers.

Keeping Things Smooth

In order to have a safe, comfortable, calm and loving environment for the children, redirection will be used as a guidance tool, not a punishment. Our policy is one of positive reinforcement and distraction. Any child that is repeatedly disruptive or harmful to other children will be counseled, and if necessary, removed from the group for a ”time out.” If more than three ”time outs” are needed in one session, you will be contacted.

We encourage you to visit our nursery and to observe our caregivers as they care for the youngest persons in our congregation. Please ask any questions and share with us your ideas and suggestions. Our nursery ministry is a vital part of our church. The foundation starts here in our nursery! We hope you find that it meets the needs of your family.

Let's Keep Everyone Healthy

If your child is not feeling well, please do not expose other children and caregivers by bringing the child to the nursery. Our nursery cannot accommodate the needs of a sick child. If your child shows signs of sickness while in our care, you will be asked to pick up the child. Caregivers cannot administer any medications.

We've Got Plenty

The nursery has a large supply of toys and equipment.

If your child has a transitional toy that will help them have a happy experience in the nursery, please feel free to bring it. The nursery cannot be responsible for lost or broken items.

All toys being donated to the nursery must first be clean and approved by the Director of Children’s Ministries, the Director of Great Escape Early Learning Center and meet all federal guidelines.

Have Questions about Our Nursery?

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