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Our Vision

Moving forward together.

That’s what was decided at the All-Church Charge Conference on June 6, 2016. Littleton UMC will move toward detailed plans of our vision.

As I hope you already know, this visioning process began over three years ago and culminated in the presentation of the vision during Lent this year. Following the presentation of the vision, for both how we can serve our neighbors of Littleton and how we can improve the hospitality and accessibility of our building, we engaged in a feasibility study to see just how this vision connected with a sampling of those in our congregation. The study revealed that 91% of those surveyed believed the proposed projects are essential to the life and ministry of LUMC. The study concluded that LUMC’s proposed vision is clear, compelling, will make a difference in people’s lives, and is embraced by a large portion of the membership. This is great news!

The feasibility study also revealed that we truly dreamed big! And that big dream has a big price tag! There is concern, rightly so, as to whether or not we can fulfill all of our dreams at this present moment. So the proposal presented at the Charge Conference reflected the commitment of the leadership to: 1) add no new debt to the church’s annual budget; 2) not expect continued building projects and capital campaigns but only do what we can afford now; and 3) stay within whatever budget we can support through a Capital Campaign.

Still, there are significant things we can do to move us in the direction of our vision! That is important! We are still moving toward a mission to serve the food-poor families of our neighborhood through a community meal. We will be enlarging, updating and improving the kitchen. We are still moving toward greater hospitality. We will be updating and remodeling, making improvements in signage, providing accessibility in bathrooms and entrances, repairing leaky roofs, and adding air conditioning to part of Grant Fellowship Hall. Full details of the Charge Conference and the suggested projects are available through the church office and the website.

With this as the proposal, those in attendance at the Charge Conference voted to move forward with a Capital Campaign in the fall, and the development of detailed plans for the vision for mission and the projects suggested. We’re moving forward together!

Saying that we are moving forward together doesn’t mean that everyone is on the same page. In fact, the vote wasn’t unanimous. It was 171 to 8. Those 8 people have much to tell the 171, and I hope we’ll hear from any of you who might have some thoughts or concerns.

Saying we’re moving forward together, however, does mean that the projects presented will need everyone’s prayers, everyone’s participation, everyone’s thoughts, ideas, concerns, insights, everyone’s contribution to this process. The future is in front of us. Together we can discern it. Together we can pursue it. Together we can embrace it. Together we are better.

~ Rev. Trudy.

Vision Presentation for All Church Charge Conference

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Minutes from All Church Charge Conference Vote

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