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Ready Set School

July means it’s almost “Ready, Set, School” time. LUMC has been so generous in the past in supporting the donation of backpacks and school supplies for over 60 students through IFCS, our congregation is amazing!

This year in preparation for the relationship-building of the Break Bread program, we have reached out to Field and East Elementary administration directly, to find out what would be most helpful to support their families in need. Thus our Ready Set School approach for this year’s summer campaign will be geared to support the needs of each school individually.

FIELD Elementary said that the school supply list they sent home with all the students for the following school year can be cost prohibitive for some. So we worked with the staff at Field and came up with a list of 4 items per grade that LUMC can supply to the school in sufficient quantity for the student population. This list of items will be made available prior and during July as we collect and catalog the items contributed. Church and Society will “man” a table for the first 3 weeks in July and post progress on the collections. Items may include tissues, Clorox wipes, dry erase markers, and Sharpies. You may either select a quantity of items to purchase or contribute by cash or check as you have in the past and have our shoppers do the leg work. We will deliver the school supplies to Field in early August.

Thank you all for prayerfully considering the new face of Ready Set School, and supporting this community outreach as you have so generously in the past. Watch for our tables or contact Rita King (720) 933-7516 or Pat Morrison (303) 471-4451 for more information.

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