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United Methodist Women

Health and well-being issues of children, youth and women are the mission of United Methodist Women. Our 140-year legacy started when the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society first organized in Boston in response to a lack of women’s health in India. Between 1869 and 1893 women of the Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren traditions organized as there were few services to women in the United States because of prejudice and limitations of cultural attitudes in the church and in society. Now through many name changes, reorganizations and mergers, we are international in scope and 800,000 strong, fostering spiritual growth, developing leaders and advocating for justice.

UMW-logo_webOur local unit of UMW, as we call it, contributes to the “same mission” at Littleton United Methodist Church, in the greater Denver area, across the country and internationally as well. There are opportunities for learning through the reading program and Response magazine, for outreach with the various service organizations we support and fellowship working together on projects. Here in Littleton, four circle groups meet monthly as well as four mission related programs which are planned annually. Our unit is connected to units in other churches across the state that we might share ideas, establish new friendships and better accomplish our goals of Faith, Hope and Love in Action.